Do you love word games? You know, the ones where you combine random letters into meaningful words, where you find a logical connection in a chaotic mess. If the answer is yes I want to present you one of the best puzzle games out there – Outspell AARP.

In this game, your only job is to click on the words in the right order in order to get the correct word. At first glance, it is nearly impossible to find the correct order in the ocean of letters, but try to see a specific area of the screen, try to find a meaningful word, and focus on the small details. If you are detail-oriented, you will most likely achieve your goal, you might need some discipline as well. Anyway, do your best to wipe at least one line of letter tiles, it is not that hard, nor impossible.

At the left top corner of the game window you will see a menu button, click on it to see some functional buttons. The main ones include: music, where you can change the volume or mute sound completely. Sound, here you can change sound effects, either remove them completely or change the volume. Help, area where you can find all the answers, rules, and important tips regarding the game, pretty useful tool to help you. Stats, my favorite area, places where you can track your progress and see how successful you are, like for example what is your top score, current level’s score, the highest level, best word, best word’s scope, and amount of lines cleared.

You have a time limit in the game, in order to spice things up you can actually see the countdown window. Outspell AARP is not an easy game, you have to think fast in order to succeed in it. You have 120 seconds in total, like I have said before, do your best to clear at least one line if tiles, it will be enough to progress to another level.

Under the timer, you can see your current objective and progress of it, if you have completed it will be checked if not you will have something like 0/1. Different levels have different objectives, keep that in mind!

Bonus bomb
The feature that allows you to clear tiles with a single blow, this feature is unlocked only when you reach a specific amount of the scores, as a bonus and reward. I really find it cool and entertaining, I hope you will get better at the game and you will have the opportunity to use it at least once.

I know there are countless word puzzle games out there and they might be decent and okay, but there is something special about this one. I think the secret lays in the order of letters, an algorithm to random things up is quite good. It is not that easy to find the correct word in this mass, but on the other hand, this is exactly what makes the game so fun and challenging, complicated combinations, tough levels, and various objectives that are interesting to solve.

What are you waiting for? Scroll up, hit that play button, and enjoy your game, wish you all the luck, you will need it in this mind game of words.